A woman in the White House
A most intriguing thought
To think they’d think of giving up
This most prestigious spot

To be ruled their vision of weakness
And go willingly? I think not

The checkbook is readily rendered
The health of the children entrusted
Disputes and sibling rivalries
Are left to our weakness to fuss with

We’re running the castle, maintaining the calm
Dealing with boo-boos and scraped knees and arms
Consoling and coddling to abate tears and fears
These are the rules to which woman adheres.

The deficit growing is out of our realm?
Healthcare in disaster with WHOM, at the helm?
With Rivalries raging our rise has begun
Might our weakness repair what their strength has undone?



An invisible force
is taking its course
An invasion of body and soul

Unsure how to fight
this internal blight
is taking a measurable toll.

God Save America

Image result for american flag

I sit and wonder what it is we lack
Why can we not just take our country back?
When all is said and done, will we be free
Americans? If not, who will we be?

The image of our land has now been stained
Our nation stands devided and defamed.
It seems there is no remedy, no bliss
More potent than our passion to resist.

So much uncertainty has come to pass
Each day we ponder, could it be the last?
While every day we strive to understand
If our demise is part of some grand plan.

Be fruitful and go multiply they’d say
Instead, we only add and take away.


All I Wanted

There is no poet here today
no soul, no words, no rhyme.

I fear the poet’s gone away
to return perhaps in time.

For all I ever wanted
was to leave behind a trail.

Some proof that I had been here
For my children to unveil.

A legacy for them to find
one day when Mom is on their mind.

Great Escape

She’s found a place where she can hide
And when she’s scared she crawls inside
In there, she can escape reality
She goes there often on her own
To think or cry or be alone
Where no one can malign her misery.

She tried to hide within the room
But seekers flocked to fix her gloom
They’d find her under table, desk or shelf
And so she chose the only place
Where no one can invade her space
When she’s afraid she hides inside herself.