The winter’s freeze has stripped the trees at last
One lonesome leaf left dangling on the limb
And not unlike the days of winters past
Each day is prey to Mother Nature’s whim
The garden that was once a scape of green
Is covered now with crystal mounds of white
The path goes in and out and in between
And like a maze it leads us back to night
That beacon in the midnight sky prevails
As daylight finds another path to cross
My mind is on a distant wooded trail
A forest deep where you and I are lost
Discovering some new and sacred ground
And wishing only never to be found.


I never thought a heart could truly break
or that the shards could be so very sharp
that trying to rebuild that cherished spark
could deepen and intensify the ache.
The minor wounds that life can throw our way
are treatable and soon heal on their own
until the day they cast that final stone
that pierces flesh and blood and tends to stay.
I’m lucky to have had so many years
when life was warmed by such a loving light
I could not share the burden of my plight
with one that I have always held so dear.
A heart can truly break and never mend
when love that comes but once comes to an end.

James W. Allard 1949-2019

Jim Allard 1949-2019My husband and soulmate of 49 years passed away yesterday morning after a long and courageous battle with cancer. My heart has been breaking for so long watching him suffer and fight to hang on to the life he loved. He was loved and respected by all who knew him and I am so grateful for those who took the time to show him that love in his final days. It meant the world to him. Rest in Peace, My Love.

There’s something in your morning smile
That gets me through each day
Something in your loving touch
That helps me find my way

There’s nothing in God’s universe
Of which I am so sure
Nothing else I know of
That I could treasure more

There’s everything we’ve hoped for
All that we believe
Everything we dream of
In this tapestry we weave

I Love You.





A woman in the White House
A most intriguing thought
To think they’d think of giving up
This most prestigious spot

To be ruled their vision of weakness
And go willingly? I think not

The checkbook is readily rendered
The health of the children entrusted
Disputes and sibling rivalries
Are left to our weakness to fuss with

We’re running the castle, maintaining the calm
Dealing with boo-boos and scraped knees and arms
Consoling and coddling to abate tears and fears
These are the rules to which woman adheres.

The deficit growing is out of our realm?
Healthcare in disaster with WHOM, at the helm?
With Rivalries raging our rise has begun
Might our weakness repair what their strength has undone?

God Save America

Image result for american flag

I sit and wonder what it is we lack
Why can we not just take our country back?
When all is said and done, will we be free
Americans? If not, who will we be?

The image of our land has now been stained
Our nation stands devided and defamed.
It seems there is no remedy, no bliss
More potent than our passion to resist.

So much uncertainty has come to pass
Each day we ponder, could it be the last?
While every day we strive to understand
If our demise is part of some grand plan.

Be fruitful and go multiply they’d say
Instead, we only add and take away.