Great Escape

She’s found a place where she can hide
And when she’s scared she crawls inside
In there, she can escape reality
She goes there often on her own
To think or cry or be alone
Where no one can malign her misery.

She tried to hide within the room
But seekers flocked to fix her gloom
They’d find her under table, desk or shelf
And so she chose the only place
Where no one can invade her space
When she’s afraid she hides inside herself.


Retirement’s a someday goal
residing in our dreams
But doing nothing, as a whole
Is not all that it seems.

The wealthy live to travel ’round
the world, in stately manner
For them the oysters are abound
while the world is our banana!


Containers are meant to hold
The milk, until it’s gone
Once empty (and without regret)
We toss it and move on.
And so it is I wish to leave
Not wrapped in stately silk
Why preserve and forever grieve
A container without the milk?


The strength it takes to be a man
admired by the masses
Is absent in his trembling hand
in search of reading glasses

His tired eyes still hold that light
that never seems to dim
A love of life for which he fights
still flows from deep within

He longs to be a hundred years
upon this Mother Earth
At eighty-nine he’s faced his fears
God must have seen his worth

The road ahead will challenge him
to gain back what he had
I have no doubt he’ll fight and win
this man of men, MY DAD!

Mother of the Bride

I hear a tiny footstep from the past
A whimper from the room just down the hall
I try to capture them and make them last
But soon they fade away and high hopes fall
The walls are filled with moments etched in time
Sweet memories of little ones abound
I labor to preserve such things sublime
Until reality comes back around
And so it is, they’ve grown, and left the nest
That once provided them with all their needs
And found their place out there among the rest
Of all I’ve ever done, they’re my best deeds

My heart will keep the little ones inside
While marveling at the seeds I’ve sown, with pride.


The butterfly may lose her wings
(they don’t last very long)
But in the process, other things
have surely come along.
The worm emerged
(despite the birds)
and inched along his way
Towards all the things
the sunlight brings, and
she watches still, each day.