It started with a word
a phrase, that captured my attention
on a day when I was listening.
I was not looking to read, or to write
but by some act of fate I found you there
where you had been writing long before
I was there to read. Talking to the clouds, sharing
your dreams with the sky and your heart
with a world that could not yet hear you.

But, I heard you.

Sometimes I wish I had not listened so intently
or that I hadn’t heard that silent plea
that begged my mind to listen further
and to understand.
I wish I had not been determined
to break the code that is your silence
or to experience the passion that is your bondage.

But, I listened.

I listened with an open heart and probed
with an inquisitive mind
into your world of magical words.
It wasn’t until I tried to stop listening
that I realized
the magic had worked
and I found myself tightly wrapped
in the bondage that is your passion.

But, it’s only magic.