Part of my job as an Activities Aide in a nursing home is serving the resident lunch in the main dining room.  Although no money changes hands I leave there many days feeling richer for the experience. As I leave their tables I hear them say “she’s a good girl”…huh! a place where I’m known as a girl and a good one at that!

If someone is being unruly another resident will always come to my defense,  even though it’s my job to look after them! I also can tell when it’s time to get my hair done as one friendly old gent informed me the other day that if I’d just do something with my hair I’d be a damn good looking woman! Ahhhh… the joys of working with the public. (I politely told him that if he would get some hair he wouldn’t look bad himself.) Some of them actually have a great sense of humor. It’s all in a day’s work.

Please, don’t overlook all the good, funny people in the world that just happen to be old. Our day is coming. Though I must say there are days when seeing the future is a little more than depressing. All I can say is live while you can and take a little time to improve the quality of life for someone less fortunate if you can. The tips are great!