Being a newspaper veteran I have seen some interesting typos over the years. I love typos in the newspaper. For one thing it shows they’re human and sometimes it’s the only thing amidst the bad news that makes you laugh for a moment and dilutes all the horror-filled headlines. Some of my favorites:

….12 uninformed police officers stood in silence.

….a man was arrested for leaving the scene after hitting a parked cat.

….a local man was arrested for fighting in public without another person.

….the hospital is now accepting applications for 12 hour shits.

….a pubic auction will be held on Saturday.

These are only a few of my favorites out of many. And then there was that late night when we ran a hundred year old photo and gave the photo credit to our current photographer who was all of twenty nine!

So, don’t curse the typos. They’re good for a laugh when nothing else is!

I once had an editor who said “Look at it and read it as much a possible before it goes to print and as little as possible after it’s printed…there’s nothing you can do about it then!” (He didn’t always think the typos were that funny once there were 12,000 copies of it.)