I once was the boss
of a very fine crew
they worked hard they did
making fabric of blue.

Would you call my Dad
and tell him for me
that I’m a big boy
not to worry ’bout me.

Sometimes we made pink
but that was sent out
I don’t know where I am
can you please let me out.

I must call my mother
she’ll be out of her mind
if I don’t come right home
at my regular time.

You see out that window
where the elderly go
I once visited there
It’s a fine place you know.

Someday when I’m too old
to live on my own
I just might consider
a stay at that home.

Can you unlock this door
I need to go through
I once was the boss
of a very fine crew…

Author’s Note: Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease but if you listen with your heart you can hear a lifetime in a few short moments.