I received an invitation
to join someone for chat.
I paid them no attention
I’m just not into that.
And then a broadcast message
came flashing on the screen
“Please join me in the chat room”
that seemed a bit extreme!
I entered with precaution
what’s the urgency about?
I laughed to tears at what I read
“Please help, I can’t get out!”
Two visitors were present
when in a third one came
I thought it quite peculiar
but asked him all the same–
Juno, June and Junior
he admits, are all HIS names!
I can’t get out, he told me
It thinks I’m still in there
so every time I go back in
I change my name a hair.

“Help me out!, My boss is here!”

I promised I would send him in
a pizza and a beer.
I felt a little heartless
As I exited myself.
How could it be so funny
watching someone hang themselves?
I’m still a wee bit curious
and amused, without a doubt
at how many times he entered
in an effort to get out!