Traveling through the starlit galaxies
I came upon a frosty stunted breeze
Attempting to preempt its urge to blow
I administered a warming friendly glow.
Portrayed with hues of softness in its heart
The storm would rage then suddenly depart
Between the two extremes I heard a plea
“Please somebody come and rescue me”
The lonely wind responded with a grace
Of gentleness that welcomed my embrace
I followed as the storm progressed and learned
That aliens from past encounters burned
And scarred the storm to points of desperation
Riddled with the guilt of lust’s temptation
With so much beauty hidden deep inside
In rage was where the heart chose to reside.
All signs reveal the thaw was a success
As storms appear to put their fears to rest
With borrowed light from galaxies afar
The wind transformed itself into a star.
A light that radiates; a new transformer
Whose glow has left the warmth a little warmer