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“Grammy, I need to talk to you
It’s something REALLY secret

I got a crush on Patrick
Please promise me you’ll keep it?

He’s really cute and everything
but he’s older – in third grade!

When I told him that I liked him, Gram
He ran, and said…..Oh, Great!”

“I guess that means he likes me too?”
Oh baby, does Gram need to talk to you!

“You see, my sweet, it takes some time
For boys are slower at the climb

Your beautiful smile and twinkling eye
No doubt has made poor Patrick shy.”

A smile appeared, she soon forgot
With hair twined fingers twirling knots

Her hopes were hanging on a prayer
Sweet self-esteem in ill repair.

So young and fragile, love’s first start
One careless truth can break the heart.

A heartfelt tear rolled down my cheek
At 5 years old, harsh truths are weak.

I artfully dodged one painful truth
And marveled at the innocence of her youth.