lady in green

lady in green

Jeune Fille Vert by Tamara de Lempicka

Beyond the Spotlights

The green silk hugged her form like shrink wrap on a piece of prime rib and the rigidness in her pose suggested that moving was not an option. Her body was on the set but was her mind in sync with the folds of luxurious silk or had she escaped to some distant place, far away from the ever distracting cameras and lights.

The deep longing in her eyes suggested that she was where she had to be – not where she wanted to be. The hat surely added to the mystery that the camera was hungry for and also helped disguise the dark circles under her eyes and the fact that she was slowly going bald. The camera seemed satisfied with her pouting lips that replaced a once vibrant smile. After all, it fit the image and that’s what her business was all about… the image.

What phrases were parsing her brain as she posed for the cameras with what appeared to be a seductive come hither look? Do we not see a woman who appears to have it all? Pity, we are not allowed to see beyond the surface.

Perhaps the words played over and over in her mind like a tape that kept rewinding and playing at will.

“The chemo is working, just give it time.”

“Mommy, are you OK?”

“We may have to remove your breast.”

Perhaps she sensed that she was running out of time and was only hoping they didn’t run out of hats before she ran out of hair. The inner horror she was living with was so well disguised by the make-up, the lighting and the under-wire bra… it was undetectable that she had lost forty pounds and her skin was, under the mask, as white as the new snow. The tracks of her tears were all but invisible under the bright lights.

But, as long as the chemo was working, so would she. For just like the rest of us she had promises to keep, children to raise and bills to pay. Maybe, with the help of shimmering, green silk the world would be blinded by the spotlight. Oh, that she could be that lucky… and that blind.

Response to Word Catalyst Workshop Challenge