When you were just a baby
I’d try to anticipate your every move
Following you around with arms outstretched
Always ready to catch you

If you should fall

Then you were a toddler
Quietly investigating your world
And I would throw a soft blanket
Or a fluffy pillow your way
To soften the blow

If you should fall

Now that you are grown
I can’t follow you around
With loving arms filled with soft pillows
But I still find myself looking ahead
Down whatever path you choose – with anticipation
Always prepared to catch you

If you should fall

And I know there are times when
My concern causes you to feel confined
It’s a mother’s curse
To always predict and prepare for the worst
But it’s because I love you
Not that I mistrust your judgment
That I will continue to prepare, if only in my heart
A soft place for you to land

If you should fall.

© Shirley Allard 2008