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The Last Day

Dedicated to Olivia

I hear the howling wind

And watch the stately maples bend

And sweep the ground.

As the unrelenting ire

Of a cyclone laced with fire

Touches down.

Where storms have raged before

I fear that something more

Is in the making.

There’s an urgency that’s sensed

In this summer storm pretense

That leaves one shaking.

Off to rescue sleeping babies

As new certainties quite vaguely

Settle in.

And to watch as nature’s fury

The appointed Judge and Jury

Charges in.

While praying for salvation

Impending devastation

Takes its course.

But little hearts know naught of fate

So I smile and underrate

This deadly force.

With equal lack of warning

The sun returns; adoring

hearts are mended

And no one anywhere

Was the slightest bit aware

The world had ended.