I have received so many emails and comments about the closing of the magazine in general. I had the greatest thing going with some awesome people on board. Sometimes good things happen at the wrong time I guess. As most of you know, I live in the land of dial up and the magazine just grew and grew and grew some more until  I could no longer handle it. I was putting in so many hours and so was Harry in an effort to maintain the quality we had established from the beginning.

I would like to share some of the letters I received when the magazine closed. I came across them recently when I was cleaning out my old computer. I assure you all that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly hope that you all gained half as much from the experience as I did.

Thanks again to all of the writers and readers who supported us right up to the end.

Shirley Allard

A few of the responses to our closing email:

This e-mail took me by surprise, but we do pay a price for living in our rural sanctuaries. I’m not convinced  the ‘average Joe’ realizes all that goes into maintaining a single web page, let alone an entire site.

Thanks for all you have done for Word Catalyst and myself personally. In the time I’ve been a part of the magazine it has only continued to improve and expand. You have given us the opportunity to have our voices heard and I’m grateful for that. What more can a writer ask for?

–Dan Beams

Your regular contributors write very readable poetry and articles!
I have time and I have high speed.  Can I be of any service?

I absolutely loved your quality of writing.  The rest of the poetry
world needs the clarity and readability all of Word Catalyst poetry

–Ruth Hill

So sad to hear this. It’s like our family is breaking up. But of course, it doesn’t have to. We can still all stay close and connected. I want to thank you for the wonderful experience. You produced the classiest enterprise I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve been around the block a couple of times. I hope you’ll still chase your dream to be a publisher. I’m here if you ever want me. But let’s not talk like it’s goodbye.

–Jo Janoski

I’m saddened by the decision that was made to withdraw Word Catalyst from the publishing field.  But I understand.  I’ve always wondered what you, as publisher and editor, was getting out of it, financially, what with all the work you’re forever putting into it.  If it’s any consolation at all, I believe each and every contributor to the magazine will remember you and the publication always — as Shirley’s Heart for us.  You’ve truly been an inspiration, an encouragement, and a great source of our pride…

I wish you well, I wish you further happiness.  I don’t think I’ll wish you fulfillment, as I believe you are fulfilled, having reached it a long time ago.  If you strived at all it is to further that meaning, that significance; and, to so unselfishly include others in it…

Thank you!
–Norbert Luciano

Well, poop… I don’t know what else to say except thank you for all you’ve already done. Please stay in touch, Shirley, I regard you as one of my best friends, and I don’t want to lose that…. BTW, please don’t look at this as letting anyone down… you deserve better than that. As I said, my decision would have been the same as yours, the difference being that I wouldn’t have lasted nearly this long. You fought the good fight.

We all love you, too… never forget that, no matter what.

–Bob Church

Harry (Calhoun) forwarded this to me. I am sorry that March will be the last issue of Word Catalyst. I enjoyed both being a contributor and a reader of the magazine. I think you’ve given a lot of pleasure to many folks like me during the magazine’s run. Thank you for that.

–Trina Allen

blast ! just as I was getting on board.

– Keith Wallace

This is very sorry news to me. I want to express my appreciation, you guys were my first time publishers, and I will always remember that.

Matt Stuckenberg

RIP Word Catalyst Magazine