The mighty wind is blowin’ gainst the walls
As drafty gusts meander down these halls
With power only nature can possess
It turns the mighty mill and lifts our dress
As hats go flying through the air off heads
The mighty force of wind is faced with dread
While down the road I watch the tall trees sway
Two pine trees dance first this and then that way
A lovely waltz against a sunlit sky
Oh how I wish that we could dance on high
A lonely leaf just flitting cross the snow
Bereft its tree, it knows not where to go
I sit beside the fire wrapped and warm
As nature takes tranquility by storm


There’s a bite to the cheese
that gets better with age
A sweetness in wine
that appeals to the sage
But regardless of care
Or the potions you’ve tried
Our head loses face
The more age is applied.

S’no More!


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The snow capped trees are drooping from the weight
Of crystal ice and snow I’ve come to hate
A little taste of beauty is enough
I’ve had it with this fluffy, flaky stuff!
The skiers are elated as they glide
While I am irritated as I slide
Around a yard that’s now a skating rink
And so I close my eyes and calmly think
Of daffodils all lined up in a row
Beneath the several feet of ice and snow
I see the hollyhocks all standing tall
And creepy crawling vines along the wall

Excuse my manners here for just a bit
It’s time for Spring! I’ve had it with this shit!

Photo Finish


Acting like a loser
Because you didn’t have your way
Can not excuse your insulance
Displayed throughout the day
Exceptions to the rules are few
Forgiveness comes quite slow
Garnering a point or two
Has as never stole the show
In case you didn’t realize
Just what it is you lack
Kiss me without open eyes
Love always has your back
Maybe you’ll then realize
No distance can erase
Or take away realities
Perception has replaced
Quietly, you plot to fail
Resigned to giving in
Surrendering and turning tail
’Til there’s just no way to win
Until you give yourself a shot
Veering ever toward that sacred slot
Where wonderment awaits your call
X will never mark your spot

YOU are in the driver’s seat
Zoom in and take that shot!

Save the Children

The moon will hide its face behind its glow,
ashamed to light the way or just stand by.
Humanity will suffer, justly so
For every time a child is made to cry.
A just and fair reward we must impart,
for those who prey on innocence and trust.
For every child who knows a broken heart,
a penalty of death is ‘barely’ just.
Our world’s become complacent to abuse,
As innocents so blatantly are slain
There is no just defense; no good excuse,
For any time a child is left in pain.
Stand up and shout! Insist that someone pay
For every time a child is led astray.


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